Recycling, Trash, and Tires

Madison County Public Health (MCPH) encourages you to recycle as much as possible.  Some of the material you discard is not recyclable and needs to be thrown away without creating a public health nuisance on your property or to your neighbors.  For recycling, trash and tire disposal options available in Madison County, click on the link below from the North Central Ohio Solid Waste District (NCOSWD).  If you are storing trash outside, it needs to be trash cans or dumpsters, protected from animals scavenging and the wind from blowing your trash on your property or to neighboring properties.  Remember, it is illegal to burn trash, old furniture or tires on your property.  If you do not have weekly pickup of your trash, you need to arrange to take your trash to one of the landfills listed on the NCOSWD link below.  Contact the MCPH Environmental Division at 740-852-3065 to report trash nuisances or scrap tire storage.  If you have questions or complaints about what you can burn on your own property, contact your local fire department.