Retail Food Service Operations and Retail Food Establishments
We license and inspect restaurants, grocery stores, mobile food vendors, temporary food vendors and vending machines. Our inspections serve to educate and enforce practices to prevent food related illnesses and accidents. We investigate complaints and suspected food borne illnesses associated with food service operations and retail food establishments.

Real Estate Inspections
At the request of buyers, sellers, lending institutions, or real estate agents, we will inspect and provide documentation on existing sewage systems and private water systems.

School Buildings Inspections
Along with the food service operation inspections in schools, we conduct walk through inspections of the buildings to ensure safe and healthy conditions are being maintained.

Home Sewage and Water Systems
We provide site evaluation, system design and installation inspections on sewage treatment systems and private water systems for new home construction. Installation permits for both are issued through this office. Alteration permits for either type of system can also be obtained through this office prior to making repairs.

Drinking water testing is conducted by this division for new and altered wells at the request of the homeowner or for real estate inspections. The routine test to determine safety is for total coliform and E. coli bacteria. Lead and other water-related tests may be arranged through our division for an additional cost.

Well log records that describe the construction, depth and yield of water wells are maintained by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. More recent records (since the 1981) may also be filed with the local health district. The Ohio Department of Natural resources offers an on-line search for well log records. Please go to the on-line search Web page: ODNR Water Well Log Search

If you are unable to locate a well log please contact the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Soil and Water Resources at (614) 265-6740.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources will also supply access to sealing reports filed for wells sealed in the State of Ohio. Currently this website is under construction and will be available at a later date.


In addition to issuing permits, we conduct inspections of off-lot discharging sewage treatment systems (systems that discharge treated effluent off of the property) to ensure these systems are being properly maintained and are not creating public health nuisances.

Our division registers sewage system installers, septic tank pumpers and sludge applicators before they can work in our county. We also conduct periodic on-site inspections of local well drillers.

Recreational Health
We license and inspect public swimming pools and campgrounds. The inspections are done to ensure safe and sanitary public facilities.

Tattoo and Body Piercing Establishments
We inspect and issue approvals on all tattoo and body piercing establishments to ensure that all required health and safety measures are being taken.